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Welcome Retailers

We want to first thank you for visiting One Up Parties & Games. While we are a new Game Publishing company, we are not new to Entertainment. In fact, our parent company, World Tavern Entertainment ( has been a leader in the bar & restaurant industry since 2004.

In early 2020 we launched two party games with Really Karen? and The Inappropriate Workplace - and now we are excited to share Castle Break, an immersive medieval strategy game for warriors of all ages.

We'd love to work with you and your store - and as a good-faith gesture, we'd like to offer you are Free Copy of Castle Break.

We only ask 3 things.

1. Complete the Retail form below (so we know you are a physical retail store).


2. Cover the cost of Shipping.

3. A promise that you will give the products a chance with good placement in your store.

That's it! So if you are ready, we would love to start working with you.

All the best, 

-Mike Matsinger and the entire One Up Team

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