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Castle Break Board Game

A Strategy Game For Warriors Of All Ages!

Welcome Warriors to The Castle Break Games. You have been chosen to compete in this medieval adventure on your quest to free Sinder, the dragon locked inside. Your journey begins here.

Castle Break is the hottest new family strategy game arriving in time for the Holidays! The perfect game to get the family to put their phones down and get back to game night!  Enjoy!

Price: $39.95
Shipping: Free (continental US)
Players: 2-4+
Ages: 10+
Game Time: 45-60min


Game Contents

  • WestRaven Castle Game Board

  • 30 WestRaven Coins

  • 16 Dragon Tower Keys

  • 10-Sided Movement Die

  • 12-Sided Dragon Tower Die

  • 50 Unique Quests

  • 60 Power Cards

  • 60 Trade Goods Cards

  • 45 Tools & Weapons Cards

  • 6 Character / Reference Cards

  • 6 Character Pawns

  • Rules Guide

About Castle Break

  • Players race to see who can be the first to collect 3 keys to unlock the gates to Dragon's Tower.

  • Complete Quests by collecting Trade Goods, using your Tools & Weapons, and harnassing your Magical Powers!

  • For each completed Quest you will be rewarded in coin. Collect 6 coins, have them forged into keys, and head to Dragon's Tower.

  • Castle Break is easy to learn but difficult to master.

  • The perfect strategy game for players of all ages.

  • 50 Unique Quests will keep you playing time and time again.

  • Supplies for 2021 Holiday Season will be limited so please do not wait to order.

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