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Finally, you can say those things without getting fired

The Inappropriate Workplace is...

well, completely inappropriate!


The game is simple. Play a Workplace Situation Card and all the other players provide their most inappropriate answers.

The Inappropriate Workplace is available to ship BEFORE CHRISTMAS. So don't wait...order yours today!


Playing this game pretty much ruins your chances of ever getting promoted!

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Lots of laughs over the inappropriate scenarios this game provides. We look forward to playing with multiple players. Box states a minimum of 2 players, but be aware that scoring is not possible with only two players as there is no judge. The two of us still play, playing two hands each, just for giggles!

—  MoosViews4U

"This is the reason you can't keep a job!"


"This will definitely earn you a trip to HR!"

-Your Boss

Live a day in the life of a 'Karen' as you move around town, offending everyone in your way

Really Karen? is a hilarious board game that lets you live the day in the life of a 'Karen' as you move around town arguing and offending everyone in your path!

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