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Party Game!

We are One Up, a party and board game publisher and we know how to take a party to the next level with our GREAT games!

Don't believe us?  If you do not absolutely love your game, we will give you a direct number to our Manager, Karen!


Live a day in the life of a 'Karen' as you move around town, offending everyone in your way.

Really Karen? is a hilarious board game that lets you live the day in the life of a 'Karen' as you move around town arguing and offending everyone in your path!


Everyone knows a Karen - and now you have the chance

to experience what it’s like to be one!


Argue your way around town visiting shops, fighting with employees, and collecting Manager Tokens. Be the first ‘Karen” to make it back home with all your tokens and win the day!


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Ordered for a party game and gave a test run tonight with just wife and myself. Fun game, requires some stomping feet strategy and grab some of those gift cards along the way. This will be a hit with a party crowd. While 2 can play, this will be more fun with 4 to 6 along with some wine!

—  Steve

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Your Life Is Incomplete Without A One Up Game!


Finally, you can say those things without getting fired

The Inappropriate Workplace Card Game lets players match the Most Inappropriate action to hilarious workplace situations. With over 500 cards, you can enjoy hours of laugh-out-loud fun!