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Step Up Your Game Nights With A One Up Game!

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A medieval strategy game designed for warriors of all ages.

Are you ready to begin your quest to free the dragon?

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Live a day in the life of a 'Karen' as you move around town, offending everyone in your way.


We've Seen Your Facebook Posts. You Need More Fun In Your Life!

The hilarious game of things that should never be said, or done, at work.

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What is One Up Games?

One Up Games is a party and board game publisher brought to you by the minds behind World Tavern Entertainment, World Tavern Poker, and World Tavern Trivia. We know how to take a party to the next level!

What other games do you have in the pipeline?

We currently have more games either in design or production, including Castle Break! (strategy game for the whole family!), Change My Mind (family), and a series of kids Murder Mystery Birthday Party games.

Are One Up Games really that good?

Nope, One Up Games aren't that good - they are GREAT! Don't believe us?  If you do not absolutely love your game, we will give you a direct number to our Manager, Karen!

Where do you get the inspiration for your games?

For starters, no one on our team has really grown up. We are a team of overgrown children who absolutely love to have fun at everything we do!


Really Karen? was inspired by the Karens we have all experienced. Inappropriate Workplace was inspired by our workplace, where almost anything goes!

We take real-life experiences and know how, then turn them into incredibly fun and entertaining games for everyone to enjoy. We hope you do as well!

We are also very grateful.

We live our lives with gratitude and we're always focused on the fun and positive side of life. As we always say..."If you aren't having fun, then why are you doing it?"


So come play with us! (Okay, that might be a tad inappropriate)

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